Tuesday, November 1, 2016

FREE Double LP! The Almagest - Unleashed - download it here

The Almagest - Unleashed
The FREE double album available right now!

The Almagest - Unleashed, the double album includes 24 cuts absolutely FREE! This very special collection of rare edits, remixes and mash-ups was developed over the course of 12 years or more. The Almagest, the former DJ moniker of artist, songwriter and producer Adam Cruz, is a name that represents a period of time when Cruz began experimenting with music production while having little to no knowledge of how music production actually worked. With its producing flaws and all, these cuts show Cruz's great versatility as a music producer and editor. Hope you enjoy this special offering, courtesy of Mixtape Sessions.

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Monday, October 22, 2012

B-Rocka - Re-Slow (Adam Cruz Re-Edit)

Adam Cruz killin that new 'Slower' - check it out for yourself right now! :)

sendspace link (limited time) = http://www.sendspace.com/file/nrfl6d

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Missy Elliott - Pass That Dutch (Adam Cruz Remixes)

I have been in love with Missy's music since her famous "Yee Yee yee hee yow" line in Gina Thompson's "The Things You Do" remix. When I heard "Pass That Dutch" I had to remix it. Although this remix was done a few years ago, I thought I'd pull it out back out and make sure my Mixtape Sessions crew gets this for FREE on the site, so here you go...enjoy!


Monday, January 16, 2012

Various Artists - #brainwash (Adam Cruz Remix) FREE download + OFFICIAL VIDEO

PICTURE IT! Bloomfield, NJ 2011. The students of Professor Peter Gordon's "Planning for a Recording Project" hit the road for our first class field trip - a visit to Metrosonic Studios in Brooklyn. lol ok ok so it's not a Sophia Petrillo moment, but our class sure had fun! We got to Metrosonic and immediately sat in on a rare session - the re-collaboration of the cast from the ground-breaking 1983 television opera "Perfect Lives" but done almost entirely in Spanish (now renamed "Vidas Perfectas.") Our class enjoyed cast members Ned Sublette, Peter Gordon and director Alex Waterman's 30 minute piece, in preparation for their upcoming show. Once their session was done, Gordon and Chief Engineer Peter Mignola allowed our class to start a new session where we recorded vocals, claps and live drums. Done in a jam session style, "#brainwash" came out of a quick idea from the students and we had a ball!

Once the recording session and field trip was done, Professor Gordon asked the class to take the Protools Session files and create our own track from the vocals, claps, and drums. Here is my interpretation of "#brainwash" - a fun jam session that instantly reminds me of "Soul Train" dancers. In working on the music for this remix, I imagined that this tune would be something these dancers would freak out to. Now, it's yours for FREE. Enjoy :)

Written by the entire "Planning for a Recording Project" class, Bloomfield College, Fall Semester 2011, Professor Peter Gordon
Vocals performed by Adam Cruz, Akili, Christian Terjesen, Dan, Fyah, Justin Pauls, Kenny Fernandez, Shahara McMillan, et al.
Live drums performed by Robby Ameen.
Recorded at Metrosonic Studios, Brooklyn, NY.
Engineered by Peter Mignola (Chief Engineer) and Teruhisa Uchiyama (Assistant Engineer)
Remix produced by Adam Cruz for Mixtape Sessions.
Mixed and mastered at Ebbnflow Studios, Bloomfield, NJ.